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Full Spectrum Culture - <span class="s">The Realm of Self</span>

The Realm of Self

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The Realm of the Self encompasses all aspects of the individual human. Every individual within this realm is bound by conscience, and if redeemed, the Holy Spirit as well. Within this realm, each individual is subject directly to God. This Realm is unique from the other six, in that the rightful motive forces within the Realm of the Self are Circumstance, Choice & Consequence.

The Origin of the Realm of the Self.

The Self originated when God made our father Adam in God’s own image.

The Nature of the Realm of the Self

Summary of Relationships in the Realm of the Self
  Rights Responsibilities
God Expectation of obedience by the individual Maintenance of existence of the individual, both in life on earth and after death, either unto salvation or condemnation.
  • Just judgement of all actions, words, and thoughts while living.
  • Right of appeal to the Son of God as propitiation for said judgement.
Obedience to God’s Commandments.

The ruination of the Self by humanity.

When our first parents disobeyed God’s single conditional command on which hung all of life & paradise, He punished their cosmic treason with misery in life and certainty of death.

Because of their failure, we are all each of us miserable failures and evil selfish children. Sin and Death are at work in us to make us wicked and miserable.

God’s Intervention in the Realm of the Self

God in his mercy restrains our evil, lest we destroy ourselves and each other.

God condescends to interact with poor puny selfish mortals, and despite their wicked ways, promises the possibility of redemption…

God made himself incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ, not only to show humans what a perfect individual was like, but to do what was necessary to save and heal individuals and make them whole again.

The Redemption of the Realm of the Self

A redeemed individual is not yet perfect, but has been given two things in this life that he did not have before: a choice and opportunity to do right, and the promise of an eternal and righteous life in the hereafter.