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Full Spectrum Culture - Welcome to the Seven Realms.

Welcome to the Seven Realms.

This site is centered around the following paradigm:

  1. There are seven realms of Christ’s Authority in this world: Self, Neighbor, Family, Market, Church, Creation, & State.
  2. Each realm has its own divinely-bestowed authority. Agents within each realm act either for good or evil: either as “Redeemed” or as “Fallen”.
  3. Agents within each realm also interact with the other realms for either good or evil:
    1. As Redeemed, realms Relate to each other properly for mutual benefit.
    2. But of course in this world, this is not always the case. If an agent in a realm goes bad, an agent in another realm sometimes “Checks” the bad behavior.
    3. An agent acting in bad faith often attempts to usurp the rightful authority of another realm. Bad things happen when one realm “Invades” another.

This site exists because human culture and its relationship to God and his providence fascinates me. I am doing this site for its own sake, but as a reader you are fortunate in that you get to watch. If you like, you could even give me a hand if the bug has bitten you as well. The scope of human culture is so big that there is plenty of room for many to explore it. I’ve noticed in my cultural explorations thus far that I have tendencies and biases toward one realm or another and towards noticing one kind of behavior or another, and i’m fairly certain that this is the case with every individual. So to get a complete picture, many individuals must participate in the process of drawing the picture. What I am working on falls into three categories:

  • Links to news articles or blog entries on current events that you may find interesting. These will go in the main section of the page and be pushed down and into the archives as time passes and new links and articles are posted. Currently I’m am endeavoring to post at least one new item a day.
  • Other resources and references, either on the internet or particular books that are pertinent to any of the seven realms or any of the ways that they interact. I add these as I find them, usually after reading someone else’s review of the reference in question.
  • And finally, Scripture references from the Bible. This website is comes from a Reformed Christian perspective, which means that I subscribe to Calvin’s belief that Christ is sovereign over all men and things and works through circumstances and his chosen people to redeem all of human culture. I will be classifying Scripture passages according to how they can inform all the possible combinations of realm existence and interaction.

Send me anything you would like to if you are interested in participating in this little quest of mine. Part of the experiment of this site is to see just how robust this paradigm is to explain human culture in all of its diversity. So bring it all on, and we’ll see how it works.

Just register on the website and follow the given instructions. This way you can submit things directly into the site for me to review before they are published. That’s how it will start out anyway. There is a hierarchy of user levels that I can assign to any user that registers, and as trust is gained, we may be able to work closer together to fill the Seven Realms with good content. Again, when you send me something, let me know to what extent you would like me to acknowledge your contribution.

Come on in and look around, keeping in mind it is a constant work in progress. The best way to keep up with structural and stylistic improvements on the site is to watch the 1st Editor’s Notes. I’m working on a FAQ page, although at the moment it’s more like a RAQ page (A page for Rarely Asked Questions). Thanks for dropping by. I’m very excited about the potential of this new project of mine. God Bless, Ben Wisdom.