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NFL Pulls Plug On Big-Screen Church Parties For Super Bowl — Jacqueline L. Salmon, Washington Post

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Don’t Suffer the Little Children: A father of four explains the realist approach to parenting
— Tony Woodlief, OpinionJournal

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Algorithm Rates Trustworthiness of Wikipedia Pages
— CowboyNeal, Slashdot

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Intelligent input to produce life by chance!
— Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

See Also: Origin of hype: No intelligence to create life? — Mark Looy, Answers in Genesis

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What happened to Mercurochrome?
— Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope

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iPhone as a Widescreen iPod + Wifi without Contract?
Mac Rumors

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Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil
Catherine Brahic, New Scientist Environment

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The High Frontier, Redux — Charlie’s Diary

“…This is not to say that interstellar travel is impossible; quite the contrary. But to do so effectively you need either (a) outrageous amounts of cheap energy, or (b) highly efficient robot probes, or (c) a magic wand…”

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A Civic Action: How to fight city hall, and win
Brendan Miniter, OpinionJournal

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Blood groups ‘can be converted’ — BBC News

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New “paint” provides wireless network protection without encryption — George Gardner, Tech Blorge

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Cavalcade of Homeowner Holdouts
Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing

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Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower
Reuters on CNN

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Guys: The biological bell tolls on thee, too
Mark de la Vina, MediaNews on InsideBayArea

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Freedom of Information, the Wiki Way
Elizabeth Williamson, Washington Post

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How Apple kept its iPhone secrets
Peter H. Lewis, Fortune on CNNMoney

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ABC’s ‘Sic’ Choice Suggest Belief in Afterlife an Error [Update With Reply from ABC] — Mark Finkelstein, NewsBusters

Here’s another interesting case that boils down to whom one trusts: Religious folks or the Press. According to the update, the misunderstanding comes down to carelessness instead of malice, but in the end, one can only believe that if one thinks one can trust ABC News.

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Daily News Misfires on Scoop — John Hinderaker, Power Line

The other side: Bush OKs opening your mail in US without warrantXeni Jardin, Boing Boing This is an interesting case that boils down to whom one trusts: the President or the Press. Personally, I trust the President over the press here. It just seems like the press and their adherents are incorrect, either ignorantly seizing [...]

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What we need in New Year is some resolution
Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times

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Dave Barry’s Year-End Review — Dave Barry

I am thankful to Dave Barry for writing the one Year-in-Review column for 2006 that I can tolerate am the least bit eager to read. Enjoy, and may you find 2007 to be even better than 2006.