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Sherrod case shows power of conservative media -- David Bauder, AP

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Apple’s OS Edge Is a Threat to Microsoft — Gary Morgenthaler, BusinessWeek

“A recent upgrade to the Mac operating system moves Apple closer to challenging Microsoft for overall computing dominance, even in the corporate market.” Case in Point: IBM launches internal pilot program to test migration to Macs — Katie Marsal, AppleInsider

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School Choice Isn’t Enough: Instructional Reform is the key to better schools — Sol Stern, City Journal

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Tree man ‘who grew roots’ may be cured
— Matthew Moore, UK Telegraph

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Spawn of Sarb-Ox: Private Equity goes on a Shopping spree
blackhedd, Redstate

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Top 5 Things That Should Be Taught In Every School
Brian Kim

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Weighing In on City Planning: Could smart urban design keep people fit and trim? — Ben Harder, Science News

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I was frozen to improve my health — Barney Calman