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Mosques: We will not bury this Muslim — Kitty Caparella, Philadelphia Daily News

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Cyber-Rebels in Cuba Defy State’s Limits — James C. McKinley Jr., New York Times

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Clothes That Clean Themselves — Prachi Patel-Predd, Technology Review

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The Housing Bust Shakes Up Rentals — Prashant Gopal, Business Weekly

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iPhone price cut: Official response from Steve Jobs – Mac Forums

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US public sees news media as biased, inaccurate, uncaring: poll — AFP on Breitbart

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How to bring down Internet Explorer with six words
— Command Line Warriors

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How Dumping TV Allowed Me to Quit My Job, Create an Online Business and Fund My Retirement Account — SavingAdvice.com Blog

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New Victorians in New York City
— Ann Althouse

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Declaration of Independence, graph 31.2

We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.

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I was a fanatic…I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist — Hassan Butt, UK Daily Mail

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Journalists shouldn’t write ad copy
Harry McCracken, PC World

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Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil
Catherine Brahic, New Scientist Environment

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Dunkin’ Donuts cracks down on open-borders franchisees
Michelle Malkin

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Breaking: Fred Thompson Has Treatable Illness
Bill Hobbs, Elephant Biz

See Also: Fred Thompson health update — Paul Mirengoff, Power Line

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Blood groups ‘can be converted’ — BBC News

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New “paint” provides wireless network protection without encryption — George Gardner, Tech Blorge

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Internet curbs for India’s top students
Monica Chadha, BBC News

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Rontrell’s Choice: Why a South Carolina teen has to work his way through high school
Brendan Miniter, OpinionJournal

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Teach Character to Cut Racial Gap in School Results
Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis