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Yes Folks, Hindenburg Omen Tripped Again -- Steven Russolillo, MarketBeat, a blog on

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Sharpie Reinvents Pen with Liquid Pencil -- Charlie Sorrel, Wired Magazine

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Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law -- Rich Blake, ABC News

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Taranis: The £143million unmanned stealth jet that will hit targets in another continent -- Staff, UK Daily Mail

“Looming ominously like a space ship from Star Wars, this is the future of unmanned flight. “Defence firm BAE Systems today officially unveiled its first ever high-tech unmanned stealth jet. “The Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder, is about the same size as a Hawk jet and is equipped with stealth equipment and [...]

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Individually-sparked, collectively developed innovation.

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Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol — Chris Ayres, London Times Online

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The Afterlife of Cellphones — Jon Mooallem, New York Times Magazine

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For the first time in 10,000 years, farming is not the dominating industry — Peter S Magnusson

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World first: Flying high on pond scum
— Denise McNabb, Independent Financial Review on

“Air New Zealand and airliner manufacturer Boeing are secretly working with Blenheim-based biofuel developer Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation to create the world’s first environmentally friendly aviation fuel, made of wild algae…”

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Flying Wind Farms — The Economist

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‘Juiced-Up’ Battery Fueled by Sugar Could Power Small Portable Electronics — Saint Louis University

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How MP3 was born — Jack Ewing, BusinessWeek

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Scientists develop portable generator that turns trash into electricity — Purdue University

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Barium-nitrate “battery” breakthough
Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing

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3D printing comes to Sears — Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

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Seagate Plans 37.5TB HDD Within Matter of Years
Zonk, Slashdot

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Plastic may spell the end of the silicon microchip
Peter Marsh, Financial Times

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NASA Plans Lunar Outpost
Marc Kaufman, Washington Post

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Companies track gridlock via cell phones
Greg Bluestein, AP on Yahoo! News

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Ranchers Decry Grass-Fed Beef Rule Plan
Libby Quaid, AP on North