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Long Island Parents Donate Kidneys to Twin Sons -- Annie Wu, The Epoch Times

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Conscience Protection Update: What Might Happen Next and Why You Should Care — Catherina Favazza

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Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation? — Tim Townsend,

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Meet the women who won’t have babies – because they’re not eco friendly — N. Courtenay-Smith and M. Turner, the Daily Mail

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107 criminal counts against Planned Parenthood in Kansas — Michelle Malkin

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Nev. Couple Blame Internet for Neglect
— AP on Myway

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Democrat AG will prosecute notorious abortionist
Michelle Malkin

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Q&A with Maggie Gallagher — Dr. Paul Kengor
Grove City College Vision & Values

“Every developed country is experiencing a family crisis,” notes Maggie Gallagher. “We have a very serious problem here in America, but it’s not quite the same problem as in Europe.”

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More young doctors oppose abortions on ethical grounds
This is London

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Being Thankful on a Friday
Heth, From Under the Laundry Pile

…but first the “prequel” post: The Rules — Heth, From Under the Laundry Pile If I were the boss of the whole world, I would immediately implement the following: No more than one parent per family is allowed to be sick at any given time. If the second parent feels the illness coming on, they [...]

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In the U.K., Aborting a Baby is Legal, but Depicting it is a Crime
Steven W. Mosher, GCC Center for Vision & Values

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Mo. Panel’s Report Links Immigration To Abortion
David A. Lieb, AP in the Washington Post

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Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth — the London Daily Mail

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“The virus that made me forget my family”
Angela Epstein, London Daily Mail

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Daughter Who Surprised Mom With Birthday Visit Sues Parents

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What’s Abortion, Mom? – TulipGirl

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The Parent Trap: How safety fanatics help drive down birthrates – Glenn Reynolds, TCS on OpinionJournal

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Third time’s a charm , a day at home as a family, & More Pictures!

Rachel went into surgery one more time this morning – hopefully for the last time — to get her stitches replaced because the old ones weren’t doing the job. Ellie Stager came over early in the morning to take care of Jack while we were at the outpatient surgery clinic. Jack didn’t sleep very consistently [...]

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Bash – Mopsy, Lifenut

“I’ve read that Britney [Spears] is stupid, vain, a horrible mother, makes terrible decisions, and deserves scorn. Ripping her to shreds is a gleeful pastime for many, especially mothers, I’ve noticed. Why? I think it is because we often feel like we fall short in our mothering skills, so we need a Bad Mommy to [...]

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Distracted – Heth, From Under the Laundry Pile

see also Distracted, Part Two.