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‘Green Hanukkia’ campaign sparks ire
— Gil Hoffman, Jerusalem Post

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Christians would rather move than hear evolution — WorldNetDaily

‘They have to obey the law in educating their kids,’ official says. Fifteen Christian families from a tiny community of only about 1,300 people are making plans to leave their homes and work behind so that their children will not be forced by the Canadian government to attend “sanctioned” schools where evolution is taught. A [...]

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Christians Parking Illegally — La Shawn Barber’s Corner

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Cleanliness is next to Ungodliness – Chewymom

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God Under the Microscope – Doug Payton, Stones Cry Out

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“The Secular Mind” by Steve Johnson – Fred Warren on his blog

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Those silly “Jesus fish” took the bait.

The New York Times is reporting that a group of Christian leaders have signed a statement buying into climate change caused by puny mortals. I’m torn about this: on the one hand, it’s true that Christians believe that humanity has a divine calling to be good stewards of the planet that God has placed us on. On the other hand, good stewardship means practicing sound science — basing decisions on data, not opinions…

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We are all brothers.

A website called Ebony/Ivory Online has an archived article about how some religious people believe that God does not allow “interracial” marriage. Of course, this article is from the Boston Globe, which has its own biases, so it predominantly mentions how Christians are the main offenders on this issue. But the Answers in Genesis crowd pretty effectively refutes this in their article on the subject…

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A church flowing with (milk &) honey

God’s promise about the promised land has literally come true for a small church in Beaver Township, Pennsylvania. :)