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Qur’an says no to “9/11 mosque”! -- Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas

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Escape from Darkness (expanded version) — Answers in Genesis

“A Former Radical Muslim Reveals Secrets All Christians Must Know.”

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Luther’s 95 Theses, Introduction

Out of love and concern for the truth, and with the object of eliciting it, the following heads will be the subject of a public discussion at Wittenberg under the presidency of the reverend father, Martin Luther, Augustinian, Master of Arts and Sacred Theology, and duly appointed Lecturer on these subjects in that place. He [...]

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Violence won’t work: how author of ‘jihadists’ bible’ stirred up a storm
— Ian Black Cairo, UK Guardian

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I was a fanatic…I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist — Hassan Butt, UK Daily Mail

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Egypt blogger jailed for “insulting” Islam
Alaa Shahine, Reuters

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George Washington and Religious Liberty — Dr. Gary S. Smith, GCC Center for Vision & Values

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What Is ‘Islamofascism’? – Stephen Schwartz, TCS Daily

This question is answered by the man who originally coined the term. (HT: Austin Bay)

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Ann Coulter, Marketing Genius – La Shawn Barber

See also: Coulter Does NYT a Favor; Reviews Own Book – Ann Coulter in Human Events

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Those silly “Jesus fish” took the bait.

The New York Times is reporting that a group of Christian leaders have signed a statement buying into climate change caused by puny mortals. I’m torn about this: on the one hand, it’s true that Christians believe that humanity has a divine calling to be good stewards of the planet that God has placed us on. On the other hand, good stewardship means practicing sound science — basing decisions on data, not opinions…