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Daytona Beach cop fired for demanding free coffee — Yahoo News

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Here’s how a slick laptop thief was foiled in Tampa
— Scott Barancik, Tampa Bay Times

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Voice recognition technology IDs Colombian drug kingpin in Brazil who had plastic surgery
— PR-inside.com

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The $54 Million Pants Suit That Wouldn’t Die
Mark Fisher, Raw Fisher @ WP

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How Pilot Scuttled Hijack Attempt — Nigeria Tribune

A fast-thinking pilot, with the help of passengers, fooled a gunman who had hijacked a jetliner flying from Africa to the Canary Islands, braking hard upon landing then quickly accelerating to knock the man down so travellers could pounce on him, Spanish officials said Friday.

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2006 Personal Savings Drop to 74-Yr. Low
Martin Crutsinger, AP on MyWay

Spending more than one has is never wise or good. If this continues, we will dig our very foundations out from under ourselves, and our society will crumble.

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Online auction site eBay heightens security precautions as fraud mounts — Rachel Konrad, Canadian Press on Breitbart

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O.J. Simpson: Hellbound — La Shawn Barber’s Corner

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Flight passengers describe hours of bizarre behavior
Audrey Hudson, Washington Times

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Cell phones banned in banks


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Ohio Man Claims Right To Have Sex With Boys
NBC10.com, Philadelphia

This kind of monster is what stoning was made for. Seriously, he isn’t really worthy of any lesser punishment. South Carolina, the state where I live is ahead of the curve in this respect: South Carolina just recently passed a law allowing the death penalty for second-time sexual predators. Mine is the only state in [...]

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Lost Illinois man murdered when he asks for directions in Coconut Grove – Marlene Naanes, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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How NOT to steal a Sidekick II – Evan was Here

This is an amazing example of the power of the Realm of the Neighbor when it is fully unleashed for a good cause and amplified by the internet. (HT: James Lileks)

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Abuses of surveillance cameras – NotBored.org

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Cameras scan license plates for stolen cars – Melissa Harris, Baltimore Sun

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Married man is suing for date – Mary Anne Ostrom, Mercury News

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Dealing with sinners at work.

MSN & Careerbuilder on bad bosses, bad co-workers, bad employees, oh my!

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Thai Tourists Warned Of Sedative-Spitting Transvestites – AP

Like WizBang says, “Some things you post just for the headline.”

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Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Part II.

It is truly amazing how much the freedom of the internet is being assaulted lately and from all sides. Here’s one example… In PCWorld, Bruce Sterling asks if the Net is doomed by the eventual conflict between criminal elements and over-zealous bureacrats. Here are more examples…

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The law is slowly catching up with misused technology.

USA Today has a column by Eric Sinrod about a recent court ruling that spyware is considered illegal trespassing on someone else’s property. And [courtesy of Michelle Malkin and the Detroit News] the FBI has just nabbed a guy known as the “Spam King”.