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Algorithms Are Terrific. But to Search Smarter, Find a Person. — Brendan I. Koerner, Wired Magazine

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Rural Britain wants to take itself off the GPS map
— Sarah Lyall, International Herald Tribune

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Modern Science Needs Its Version of Sarbanes-Oxley
— .cnI redruM, Redstate

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Who Is Sick? user-generated epidemiology map
David Pescovitz, BoingBoing

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In the U.K., Aborting a Baby is Legal, but Depicting it is a Crime
Steven W. Mosher, GCC Center for Vision & Values

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At 2 TV Stations in Maine, What Al Gore’s Movie Says Isn’t News – Joseph B. Treaster, NY Times

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Meeting Doctor Doom – Forrest M. Mims III, the Citizen Scientist

Sheesh… It’s stuff like this that led me to a complete personal moratorium on news for the Lord’s Day (a.k.a. Sunday). I need a rest from such evil foolishness once a week. …there was a gravely disturbing side to that otherwise scientifically significant meeting, for I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of [...]

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Smoking’s still bad for you – James Lileks,

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Is Whole Foods Wholesome? – Field Maloney, Slate

“Organic” doesn’t necessarily mean “local”. Is “big-box organic” a contradiction in terms?

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What is a “Creationist”? – David Heddle, He Lives

and here’s a follow-up post, More on “Creationist”. Among materialist scientists, the term “creationist” is used as a slur. A lot of the bitterness of the materialists comes from their resentment against theists knocking on the door of the Academy they so effectively monopolize. Of course, the whole controversy over allowing the teaching of Intelligent Design would not even be happening if more people believed in the Separation of School and State, and everyone was allowed to learn from those they trust as they saw fit without penalty.

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Witness and Shame.

Shelby Steele writes a compassionate and thought-provoking article on race relations in the United States.

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Sending More Than ust a Check – Washington Post

(use BugMeNot) “Impromptu Efforts Try to Make [Hurricane] Relief Tangible and Personal”

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The list goes on and on.

Here’s’s list of charities to contribute to in the aftermath of Katrina.

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He’s positively wasting away.

Patrick Deuel is an interesting case: He weighed half a ton and with some help turned that around and is living to tell about it…