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Neighborly Lending In The Digital Age -- Alex Cohen, NPR Morning Edition

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Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, UK Telegraph

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School Choice Isn’t Enough: Instructional Reform is the key to better schools — Sol Stern, City Journal

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Six months on, Vista users still griping
– Jessica Mintz, AP on

See also these recent articles on Slashdot: Programs Cannot Be Uninstalled In Vista? — kdawson Firefox Now Serious Threat to IE in Europe — CmdrTaco Warning On Office 2007 “Try-Before-You-Buy” — kdawson

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Journalists shouldn’t write ad copy
Harry McCracken, PC World

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Property Owners Win One
John Stossel, RealClearPolitics

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Best Buy Confirms It Has Secret Website
George Gombossy, Hartford Courant

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Blog Power: The Top 10 Blog Stories Of 2006
Danny Glover, Beltway Blogroll

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Just Cancel the @#%$* Account! — Tom Spring, PCWorld

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British Airways backs down over cross ban after storm of criticism — Steve Doughty, UK Daily Mail

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Vista DRM is bad for Microsoft — Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

See also: Today’s blogs posts researched using Netscape [NOT IE7]Danny Carlton,

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Installing the Zune… sucked — Ryan Block, engadget

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Never-Ending Stories: How to fix shows like ‘Lost.’
Adam Sternbergh, New York Magazine

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A Triumph for Transparency in Government
Sen. Bill Frist, VOLPAC Blog

The Porkbuster Bill passed the Senate!

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Even dead people can’t escape AOL
David Sheets, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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This website came up in conversation today, but when I checked to see if I had posted it here, it was nowhere to be found. So here it is for your convenience. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a website dedicated to “advocacy for high quality customer service for consumers.” Check out their database [...]

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Google’s Coming Clean Over Clicks
Holly M. Sanders, New York Post

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Nielsen to rate TV ads in far-reaching move – Reuters

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Cancelling AOL – Vincent Ferrari, insignificant thoughts

This apparently happened a few weeks ago, but Drudge just posted about it today, so I’m finally hearing about it. Here’s the original audio that is causing such a stir: The Nightmare of Cancelling AOL – Here are more links to the chatter about this on the internet: How hard can it be to [...]

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Detox Clinic Opening for Video Game Addicts – Fia Curley, AP on Breitbart