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Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya Where Allah Done Split Ya -- Jay Tea, Wizbang

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Mormon Church attempts to gag Internet over handbook — Wikileaks

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The Golden Compass: A Briefing for Concerned Christians — Albert Mohler

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ABC’s ‘Sic’ Choice Suggest Belief in Afterlife an Error [Update With Reply from ABC] — Mark Finkelstein, NewsBusters

Here’s another interesting case that boils down to whom one trusts: Religious folks or the Press. According to the update, the misunderstanding comes down to carelessness instead of malice, but in the end, one can only believe that if one thinks one can trust ABC News.

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Banned on YouTube – Michelle Malkin

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Tell it on mountains – Paul J. Cella, RedState

“Archbishop Chaput tells it like it is:” Islam has embraced armed military expansion for religious purposes since its earliest decades. In contrast, Christianity struggled in its divided attitudes toward military force and state power for its first 300 years. No “theology of Crusade” existed in Western Christian thought until the 11th century. In fact, the [...]

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Religious nuts ecstatic over Middle East turmoil
Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing

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Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – Purgatorio

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A Death threat from Reuters – Charles, Little Green Footballs

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National Review Online on Turkey

NRO is one of the few publications covering what is and has been going on in Turkey recently: About a year ago: Turkish Turn Back? – Michael Rubin, NRO on Middle East Review And now, as covered at the Corner on NRO: Turkey and the Religion of Peace – Andy McCarthy Turkey Update, 8:54AM – [...]

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Crummy Church Signs

This site is a Seven Realms Resource for Neighbor Checking Church

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“A [hilarious] panoply of evangelical eccentricities, un-orthodox oddities & christian cultural curiosities.” This site is being entered as a Seven Realms Resource for Neighbor Checking Church, and against Market Invading Church

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Methodist Army of Davids? – Richard H., BanditsNoMore.

It sounds like some Methodists would like to be Presbyterians.

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“holiday” invented by a sadist criminal in the 60′s.

La Shawn Barber has re-posted and expanded an article that she wrote about the fake “holiday” called “kwanzaa”. And Mary Katherine Ham recalls an experience she had with the errorist media when she tried to expose the smallest bit of truth about the matter.

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Speaking Truth to Power.

The Los Angeles Times profiles a local celebrity who is not your typical newspaper editor.