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Goodbye, Crocodile Hunter — Chewymom

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Thank you, Wal-Mart – Dave Johnston, The Crisper

For whatever it’s worth, Wal-Mart threw its weight around to make diet soda healthier.

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BMI = Useless, MSM Confirms — Dave Johnston, The Crisper

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This East Side tree does its own watering
Vincent T. Davis, San Antonio Express News

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Google offers live traffic maps on cell phones – Reuters

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Google Debuts 3-D Drawing for the Masses
Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post

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The Virtual World meets the Real World – Alan Boyle, MSNBC

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From American Petroleum Institute, Just the Facts – Hugh Hewitt

“Here’s a handy list of gas taxes by state…”

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Conservatives and Conservationists – Caleb Stegall, NRO’s CrunchyCon blog

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Should you be worried about bird flu? Yes. No. And maybe. – James Lileks’ Screeedblog.

“Study the scenarios, lay in supplies, then get on with your life. If we panic, the birds have won!”

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Chapter 4: Home – Rod Dreher, NRO’s Crunchy Con blog

Making home a place to come home to.

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Chapter 3: Food – Rod Dreher, NRO’s Crunchy Con blog

Good taste and wholesomeness can go together.

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Virtual community brainstorming.

While looking to see if there was such a thing as a DVD MP3 player, I found a nifty site called “Halfbakery“. It’s a site dedicated to the publication of crazy ideas and the communal judgment thereof. Commence brainwaves!

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If you ever wanted to have it mapped out.

Here’s a site that makes maps fun. It may not look like much at first, but just hover your mouse over “Projects” or one of the other words, and you may not be able to stop exploring. Brother Tom has a few favorites.

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Need to carpool in India?

On a blog out of India called C**S**F, Patang showcases his [I assume Patang is a male] Carpool Arranger application that uses Google Maps. It sounds ingenious.

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Share the Love.

I heard about the Slow Food Movement a couple years ago, but BM sent out an e-mail reminding me about it, which gives me an excuse to post it here. It’s all about people keeping the love in the growing and preparation of consumables. TV dinners and their kind are okay every once in a [...]

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Red much lately?

[Old post that was From Wit's End] Apparently, Red vs. Blue isn’t the half of it.