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Sherrod case shows power of conservative media -- David Bauder, AP

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Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News -- Jonathan Strong, The Daily Caller

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ACORN: The Pretense of Caring — Anita Moncrief

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What Do We Burn When All The Books Are Gone? — Dan Compora, Airlock Alpha

“Not exactly what Ray Bradbury envisioned, but close.”

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Anger Is Crowds Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally — Michael D. Shear and Perry Bacon Jr., Washington Post

Can’t say that I blame them.

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Why Martin Luther King Was Republican — Frances Rice, Human Events

Of course this only makes sense given the history of the Civil War, but for some reason reading this took me aback. Some residual public school/media conditioning still held some slight sway, I guess. With this, there’s less now than there was yesterday.

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Stolen Laptop Helps Turn Tables on Suspects — Lisa W. Foderaro, New York Times

This is a fun one. Check it out.

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Cruel Craigslist Hoaxers Busted — The Smoking Gun

See Also: TIA Police Arrest 3 Baggage Handlers — Neil Johnson, The Tampa Tribune

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School Choice Isn’t Enough: Instructional Reform is the key to better schools — Sol Stern, City Journal

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Why Were Pollsters Only Off On Hillary’s Share Tuesday? — Jim Geraghty, The Campaign Spot on National Review Online

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Why is a Hillary Clinton Campaign Member Asking Questions at a Republican Debate? — Adam Yoshida

See Also from Jim Geraghty at National Review: One Guy Asked a Question At Both Parties’ YouTube Debates? More YouTube Questions From Liberals Exposed.

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Thompson Goes Electric — Jay Cost, HorseRaceBlog on RealClearPolitics

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Researcher’s Analysis of al Qaeda Images Reveals Surprises — Kim Zetter, Threat Level Blog on WIRED

“…But more interesting were the examples Krawetz gave of al Qaeda images. Krawetz took an image from a 2006 al Qaeda video of Ayman al-Zawahiri (above right), a senior member of the terrorist organization. The image shows al-Zawahiri sitting in front of a desk and banner with writing on it. But after conducting his error [...]

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The 9/11 Generation
— Dean Barnett, Weekly Standard

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A brilliant defense against liberal charges of “hypocrisy”.

James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today column for July 11th contains such a brilliant insight from a reader, which I can’t link to directly. So I simply must quote it here in full: “Hypocrisy does not mean saying one thing and doing the opposite. It means saying something that one does not believe. Let’s [...]

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CBS News fires producer for plagiarism — AP on Yahoo

See also: A Blog about Art swipes: You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice Companies lifting designs from artists Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing

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America’s Broken-Down Media — Ray Robison

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The Left Is Devolving Into A New Kind of Tyranny
LibertarianHawk, RedState

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‘That’s Not Nice’: Our political discourse needs less censorship and more self-discipline
Peggy Noonan, OpinionJournal

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Federal Court Reaffirms Immunity of Bloggers from Suits Brought Against Commenters — American Constitution Society Blog