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IMB Live Piracy Map 2010 -- Commercial Crime Services, International Chamber of Commerce

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Thousands of online banking customers have accounts emptied by ‘most dangerous trojan virus ever created’ -- Reporter, UK Daily Mail

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Social Security in the red this year -- Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

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Carnahan Drops Prices For Obama Event -- Reid Wilson, Hotline On Call

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Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go -- Thomas H. Benton, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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ACORN: The Pretense of Caring — Anita Moncrief

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Stolen Laptop Helps Turn Tables on Suspects — Lisa W. Foderaro, New York Times

This is a fun one. Check it out.

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Cruel Craigslist Hoaxers Busted — The Smoking Gun

See Also: TIA Police Arrest 3 Baggage Handlers — Neil Johnson, The Tampa Tribune

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Taliban wants cell phone networks shut down at night — Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

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Robbing the Rich to Give to the Richest
— Lynne Munson, Inside Higher Ed

“…Higher education endowments also are growing much faster than private foundations. The value of college and university endowments skyrocketed 17.7 percent last year, while private foundation assets increased 7.8 percent. Just 3.3 percent of the increase in academic endowments is attributable to new gifts. Most of the gain is a result of stingy, outdated endowment [...]

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False Copyright Claims — kdawson, Slashdot

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Dunkin’ Donuts cracks down on open-borders franchisees
Michelle Malkin

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A Deceit-Augmented Man In The Middle Attack Against Bank of America’s SiteKey ® Service — Christopher Soghoian & Prof. Markus Jakobsson, slight paranoia

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Usury for Beginners: How a Web site helped me become a loan shark. — Jonathan V. Last, OpinionJournal

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Hackers Offer Subscription, Support for their Malware
Jaikumar Vijayan, Computerworld

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The Left Is Devolving Into A New Kind of Tyranny
LibertarianHawk, RedState

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Tricking the social voting sites
Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

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Online auction site eBay heightens security precautions as fraud mounts — Rachel Konrad, Canadian Press on Breitbart

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Minimum Wage: A Sad ‘Signature’ — George Will, NY Post

See also: What You Don’t Know About The Federal Minimum WageEd Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters

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Prosperity Amid the Gloom – George Will, Washington Post