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Texas Court: Don’t Mess With Marriage -- William C. Duncan, The Corner, NRO

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Parents of 50 Million U.S. Children Soon to Lose Parental Rights --, Michael Ramey

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Obama: Palin’s Family is Off Limits, Except When It Isn’t — Jim Geraghty, The Campaign Spot on National Review Online

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The Golden Compass: A Briefing for Concerned Christians — Albert Mohler

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UK Proposal To Restrict Internet Pornography Sparks Row
— Zonk, Slashdot

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Mom should take over running school’s discipline effort
Overton, ZeroIntelligence

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The Left Is Devolving Into A New Kind of Tyranny
LibertarianHawk, RedState

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Paedophile Ring Uncovered — Sky News

This article mentions something called the Virtual Global Taskforce, which not only has a cool name, but it also has a most worthy mission.

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Journalistic Malpractice in “Marriage is Dead” Report — Michael Medved, Townhall

UPDATE from a previous post from the NYT, once again blown out of the water by its own hopeless bias.

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51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse
Sam Roberts, NY Times

…and James Lileks has something to say about that. UPDATE 01/26/07: …and once again the NYT is proven to be hopelessly biased, twisting the data beyond all recognition.

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On Being Unselfconscious (Third Vignette)
Josh Treviño, The Claremont Institute

See Also (Using BugMeNot if necessary): The Elephant in the Room — Anne Kornblut, NY Times

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The Confession: Have same-sex-marriage advocates said too much? — Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online

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More TVs Than People in Average [American] Home
David Bauder, AP on Breitbart

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The World’s Itty-Bittiest Porn Star
Amy Alkon, Advice Goddess

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The Parent Trap: How safety fanatics help drive down birthrates – Glenn Reynolds, TCS on OpinionJournal

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Bash – Mopsy, Lifenut

“I’ve read that Britney [Spears] is stupid, vain, a horrible mother, makes terrible decisions, and deserves scorn. Ripping her to shreds is a gleeful pastime for many, especially mothers, I’ve noticed. Why? I think it is because we often feel like we fall short in our mothering skills, so we need a Bad Mommy to [...]

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Hey Democrats, It’s the Contempt – John McIntyre, RealClearPolitics

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The economics of polygamy – Tyler Cowan, Marginal Revolution

See also the economics of polygamy, continued.

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Hello and Goodbye – Marla Swoffer, Always Thirsty

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The midgets’ fury, part 2: homeschooling. – Trevino,