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The Golden Compass: A Briefing for Concerned Christians — Albert Mohler

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Democratic National Committe Chair Howard Dean Announces Official Democratic Theology — Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy

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LA-GOV: Dems attack Jindal’s religious writings
— Vladimir, Redstate

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Geeks against Jihad — Max Boot, contentions

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Researcher’s Analysis of al Qaeda Images Reveals Surprises — Kim Zetter, Threat Level Blog on WIRED

“…But more interesting were the examples Krawetz gave of al Qaeda images. Krawetz took an image from a 2006 al Qaeda video of Ayman al-Zawahiri (above right), a senior member of the terrorist organization. The image shows al-Zawahiri sitting in front of a desk and banner with writing on it. But after conducting his error [...]

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Obama To Christians: We Are The Way, The Truth, and The Life, Not Christ.
Erick, RedState

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Jesus tomb film scholars backtrack
Etgar Lefkovits, Jerusalem Post

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The Left Is Devolving Into A New Kind of Tyranny
LibertarianHawk, RedState

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Without God, Gall is Permitted
Sam Schulman, OpinionJournal

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Harry Potter vs. Gandalf: An in-depth analysis of the literary use of magic in the works of J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis
Steven D. Greydanus, Decent Films Guide.

This is a long but excellent article on the difference between the Inklings’ treatment of the idea of magic and how J.K. Rowling treats the idea of magic. Read the whole thing.

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This what a real martyr looks like — Michelle Malkin

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Da Vinci code fans wreck church window in Holy Grail hunt
David Wilkes, London Daily Mail

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What Is ‘Islamofascism’? – Stephen Schwartz, TCS Daily

This question is answered by the man who originally coined the term. (HT: Austin Bay)

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So this is what the 30′s felt like – Hugh Hewitt

See also: The Brink of Madness – Victor Davis Hanson, NRO

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The Plight of the Christian Lebanese
Politics Central, Pajamas Media

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Dr. Peter Jones on various heresies
First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC

Here are three MP3 files of various talks given by Dr. Peter Jones on Father’s Day weekend. Each one flows into the other very well, and they are all very good: Cracking Da Vinci’s Code – Friday Evening [The little one you hear at the end is my six-week-old son Jack.] Kingdom Witness in a [...]

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Ann Coulter, Marketing Genius – La Shawn Barber

See also: Coulter Does NYT a Favor; Reviews Own Book – Ann Coulter in Human Events

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Narrow focus draws ‘PG’ rating for Baptist-backed film – Terry Mattingly, Scripps Howard News Service

This movie was rated “PG” for “Promotes God”. The MPAA wants to keep innocent little kids from being accidentally converted to Christianity, I guess. They might want to obey their parents, love their brothers and sisters and respect their neighbors, but who wants that, really?

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The concept of “children’s church” – Kelly’s Blog

(HT: Love and Blunder)

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Hate at the Movies. – Michael Novak, NRO

“The Da Vinci Code will not exactly be stating any new thesis that secular people don’t already accept. What it may succeed in doing, however, is to make dramatically manifest the silliness, madness, and love of illusion in what being secular means, at least to these film makers. It is for this reason, perhaps, that [...]