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Guests In The House Of The Lord

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Texas Court: Don’t Mess With Marriage -- William C. Duncan, The Corner, NRO

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Parents of 50 Million U.S. Children Soon to Lose Parental Rights --, Michael Ramey

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They won’t build it! Hardhats vow not to work on controversial mosque near Ground Zero -- Samuel Goldsmith, NY Daily News

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The Pace of the Past -- Epic Win, FTW

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IMB Live Piracy Map 2010 -- Commercial Crime Services, International Chamber of Commerce

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Just what the stock market didn’t need: A Hindenburg sighting -- Tom Petruno, LA Times

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The Christology of Harry Potter -- Ryan L Bowen, on his website.

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Thousands of online banking customers have accounts emptied by ‘most dangerous trojan virus ever created’ -- Reporter, UK Daily Mail

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A Little Game We Like to Call “Prank the Newlyweds” -- Kim, American Mamacita

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Social Security in the red this year -- Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

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Clearing the Air -- Opinion Editorial, Myrtle Beach Sun-News

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Superman Comic Saves Family Home From Foreclosure -- Ray Sanchez, ABC News

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Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning -- Mario Vittone, on his website.

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Big Brother From The Ground Up? -- Bruce, GayPatriot

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Neighborly Lending In The Digital Age -- Alex Cohen, NPR Morning Edition

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Sherrod case shows power of conservative media -- David Bauder, AP

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Public Radio Publicist Apologizes For Controversial Remarks About Limbaugh -- David Gura, The Two-Way, NPR's News Blog

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Shop That Inspired ‘Soup Nazi’ Reopens In N.Y. -- Margot Adler, NPR News

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Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News -- Jonathan Strong, The Daily Caller