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The Government’s Catastrophic Response to the Oil Disaster -- Jon Basil Utley,

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Gas Prices: The Real Story — Rich, Shots Across The Bow

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New “paint” provides wireless network protection without encryption — George Gardner, Tech Blorge

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Bad Bugs, Few Drugs – Dr. Henry I. Miller, TechCentralStation

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Inhalable Insulin.

Maybe someday many diabetics won’t have to stick themselves with needles all the time.

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Companies helping in the aftermath.

Lowes Wal-Mart Anheuser-Busch PETCO

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We’re protecting them to death.

Dimitri Vassilaros writes about the people who fall through the cracks of our drug approval system.

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This is a little weird, but it’s cool.

Pittsburgh’s Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research has successfully returned dogs from clinical death without brain damage after hours of induced suspended animation. Your humble editor linked to the version of the article that doesn’t have the scary and seemingly non sequitur picture of a snarling wolf-like dog. Also, he would have picked a better term [...]