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Carnahan Drops Prices For Obama Event -- Reid Wilson, Hotline On Call

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The New York Times’ bond rating goes down, down, down
— Michelle Malkin

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Online auction site eBay heightens security precautions as fraud mounts — Rachel Konrad, Canadian Press on Breitbart

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How Apple kept its iPhone secrets
Peter H. Lewis, Fortune on CNNMoney

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Prosperity Amid the Gloom – George Will, Washington Post

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Air America Radio Bankruptcy, Sale Possible
Brian Maloney, the Radio Equalizer

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Cell phones banned in banks


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Top 5 reasons why “The Customer Is Always Right” is wrong
Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer

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Hate to Burst Your (Housing) Bubble, but there isn’t one
Jerry Bowyer, National Review Online

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Net neutrality and politics don’t mix – George Ou, ZDNet

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Weekend Reads: Requiem for the Newspapers – Hugh Hewitt

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‘Adapt to new technology or die,’ Murdoch tells newspapers – AFP

He said it, but who will listen?

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New paint blocks out cell phone signals – UPI

Soon, theaters won’t have to ask for everyone to turn off their cell-phones.

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Dealing with sinners at work.

MSN & Careerbuilder on bad bosses, bad co-workers, bad employees, oh my!

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“All the news that fits our spin.”

Okay, this time the NYT really got it right. Really. No, seriously, this is the last time they’ll lie. They really mean it this time. What, you don’t believe it?

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Power Line: Newspapers Slash Jobs as Readers Leave, Profits Fall – John Hinderaker, Power Line

The main stream is losing steam.