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Net neutrality and politics don’t mix – George Ou, ZDNet

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Bowing To Adobe, Microsoft Strips PDF Support From 2007 Office – Stacy Cowley, Information Week

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America’s Endangered Jobs – Kate Lorenz, on MSN

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Fish killed as soft drink leaks from factory – London Daily Mail

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Google, eBay And Amazon To AT&T: We’ll Build Our Own Network – Preston Gralla, networkingpipeline

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Applause, Applause! – Chewymom

Chewymom cheers FOX’s decision to stop the use of a particular word in its programming.

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‘Adapt to new technology or die,’ Murdoch tells newspapers – AFP

He said it, but who will listen?

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Robert Bryce at Slate is skeptical of ethanol as an automotive fuel, and even more skeptical of the government subsidies thereof.

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Bicycles are outselling cars?

Yep, it’s true. Just to share my own anecdotes…

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Invisible watermark for graphics.

Livescience profiles a new technology to make digital pictures tamper-evident.