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Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Stupid Annoying Waste Of Money -- Meg Marco, The Consumerist

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Why the Mythbusters won’t do RFID — Adam Savage on Youtube

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RI bishop wants US to halt mass immigration raids — Ray Henry, AP on Yahoo! News

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Associated Press expects you to pay to license 5-word quotations (and reserves the right to terminate your license) — Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

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Going Postal: Mailing rate hikes pinch small magazines, thanks to Time Warner — Callie Enlow, The New York Review of Magazines

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Materialistic society is ‘damaging’ children: poll — AFP on Breitbart

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Geek Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Corporation — kdawson, Slashdot

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School Choice Isn’t Enough: Instructional Reform is the key to better schools — Sol Stern, City Journal

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Rich Man, Boor Man: We live in an age of great wealth… and lousy manners.
— Peggy Noonan, OpinionJournal

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Hotmail Fails To Deliver Up To 81% Of All Attachment Emails
— Hal Licino, HubPages

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False Copyright Claims — kdawson, Slashdot

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Six months on, Vista users still griping
– Jessica Mintz, AP on

See also these recent articles on Slashdot: Programs Cannot Be Uninstalled In Vista? — kdawson Firefox Now Serious Threat to IE in Europe — CmdrTaco Warning On Office 2007 “Try-Before-You-Buy” — kdawson

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Buy Blog Comments: A Sick New Comment Spam Service Launches
— Darren Rowse, problogger

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Public or Private Space? Line Blurs in Silver Spring
Marc Fisher, Washington Post

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Journalists shouldn’t write ad copy
Harry McCracken, PC World

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CallerID Spoofing to be Made Illegal
CowboyNeal, Slashdot

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Property Owners Win One
John Stossel, RealClearPolitics

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CBS News fires producer for plagiarism — AP on Yahoo

See also: A Blog about Art swipes: You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice Companies lifting designs from artists Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing

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Schoolgirls celebrities after exposing Ribena
Mike Steere, New Zealand Press

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Is Flixster a Big Fat Spammer? Are They Accessing Your AOL or Hotmail Address Book? The Answer to at Least One of These is Yes! — Anne Mitchell, The Internet Patrol