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Superman Comic Saves Family Home From Foreclosure -- Ray Sanchez, ABC News

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Iranian regime’s sanctioned brothels at Imam Reza’s shrine in Mash’had -- Zand-Bon, Planet Iran

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Proverbs 27:13 (ESV)

Take a man’s garment when he has put up security for a stranger, and hold it in pledge when he puts up security for an adulteress.

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Please Don’t Marry Our Daughters
— Brad Stone, Bits: a New York Times Blog

The website covered by this article is thankfully a prank. Yikes.

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Slavery In America. It’s Happening Right Now
Erick, Redstate

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Q&A with Maggie Gallagher — Dr. Paul Kengor
Grove City College Vision & Values

“Every developed country is experiencing a family crisis,” notes Maggie Gallagher. “We have a very serious problem here in America, but it’s not quite the same problem as in Europe.”

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Affordable homes: Habitat for hustlers
Business Week on MSN Real Estate

Freewheeling brokers and lenders are preying on the owners of Habitat for Humanity houses, bombarding them with offers to refinance out of their original interest-free loans.

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In which I am forced to use the term “whore bag” in front of my 12 year old daughter – Busy Mom

“…Is it just me or is this Halloween costume thing getting out of hand, or what? I know there’s not a shortage of sites lamenting the skinification of Halloween costumes, but, it’s become something I have to deal with…”

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I’m Jealous Of His Joystick – Kate, I Think Therefore I Blog

See Also: US internet addicts ‘as ill as alcoholics’ – NewScientist The View from the TopA friend of RobustYoungSoul, Soul Kerfuffle

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Mother Charged With Trying To Sell Child Over Wedding Dress Debt — Chris Minor,

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More TVs Than People in Average [American] Home
David Bauder, AP on Breitbart

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Careers and Marriage – published a story Aug. 22 by editor Michael Noer on two-career relationships that provoked a heated response from both outside and inside our building. Elizabeth Corcoran, a member of our Silicon Valley bureau and principal author of the magazine’s current cover story on robots, sent in [a] rebuttal.

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Western values ‘are causing mental illness’ [in Japan]
Leo Lewis, London Times

I don’t think it’s so much “Western values” that are hurting the Japanese, unless they’re talking about what I call the “Market partisanship” (i.e., a willingness to believe that the Realm of the Market can do no wrong) that can sometimes run amok in Western culture. But “Western values” have also traditionally included strong family [...]

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Even dead people can’t escape AOL
David Sheets, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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19 minutes: how long working parents give their children
Becky Barrow, London Daily Mail

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Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes –

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Social Isolation Growing in U.S., Study Says
Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post

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India rent-a-wife business grows as men desperately seek spouses
AFP on Political Gateway

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Born at 6am on 06/06/06, his Mum was induced for 6 Days, he weighs 6lbs 6oz and He’s Called… Damien – Richard Smith, the Mirror

This is both silly and foolish. This poor kid is sure in for some teasing (assuming, of course, that he isn’t the Antichrist . ) (HT: Drudge Report) [How does Drudge find these things?]

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“Weapon of Mass Destruction” Targets Sex Shop In Waldo
Grayson Kamm, FirstCoastNews