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Faith-healing parents charged in death of infant son — Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Daily News

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Couple Sentenced For Having Sex In Front Of Child
AP on WBZtv

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Infant left inside car; 2 charged
Scott Thistle, Sun Journal

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Couple jailed for sex in mosque — Reuters

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Mom Accused of Swinging Baby As Weapon
AP on Breitbart

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Couple Accused of Kidnapping Daughter
Katharine Webster, AP on Breitbart

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Catalog of Ted Stevens’ Actions That Have Benefitted Clients of Ben Stevens — Bill Allison, The Sunshine Foundation blog Under the Influence

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Marry or get out, US town tells unwed parents – AP on Breitbart

This is brilliant. More towns need to enforce their ordinances that are equivalent to this one. If they did, two things would happen: some locales in this society might have a lot less family-based problems, and all the family-based problems would be concentrated in certain municipalities that were lax in enforcement, and the problems would [...]

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Wife Forced in to “Sex Slave” Agreement? – the Smoking Gun

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‘Roe v. Wade’: The divided states of America – USA Today

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Avoiding Millstones – Tulipgirl

A news article about a mother murdering her child in a fit of rage reminds TG of an article that exhorts parents to check themselves before they check their children.