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Pastors May Defy IRS Gag Rule — Suzanne Sataline, Wall Street Journal

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Violence won’t work: how author of ‘jihadists’ bible’ stirred up a storm
— Ian Black Cairo, UK Guardian

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Italian police set up elite ‘SAS’ squad to take on the devil himself — Nick Pisa, The Scotsman

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Christians Parking Illegally — La Shawn Barber’s Corner

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Creationist Dr. Dino goes to jail
David Pescovitz, BoingBoing

This Kent Hovind guy gives creationists a bad name: His attorney, Alan Richey, argued that the Internal Revenue Service pursued his client because of his religious beliefs. Kent Hovind, whose life’s mission is to debunk evolution, says he and his employees are workers of God and therefore exempt from paying taxes. He pays his employees [...]

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Can’t we just be excellent to each other?

I’ve been struggling about what to think about what I call the Mo-Bomb-Hed controversy. Then I read what Hugh Hewitt had to say about it yesterday, and I think he gets it right:
But I think the third course between the cartoonist provocateurs and the radicals waving guns at the EU employees in Gaza is to denounce without ambiguity or excuse the latter but at the same time to delineate a very bright line between what the West stands for and the churlishness of the caroonist provocateurs…

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Sharia Averted [in Canada!] – David Frum’s Diary, National Review Online