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Texas Court: Don’t Mess With Marriage -- William C. Duncan, The Corner, NRO

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The Rise of Family-Friendly Cities
— Joel Kotkin, OpinionJournal

“It’s lifestyle, not lattés, that our most productive workers want.”

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Somewhere, Milton Is Smiling: Utahns win a hard-fought victory for school choice — John Fund, OpinionJournal

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Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Can Mitt Romney spur a broader debate? — Brendan Miniter, OpinionJournal

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A Rare Victory For Judicial Modesty
Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters

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Twins could serve as Polish PM, president – Yahoo! News

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Children for Sale; Would $36,000 convince you to have another kid? – Daniel Gross, Slate

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Young India hopes to reap population boom benefits – Reuters

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Child Trust Funds in England – Dominic Maxwell, IPPR, Around the Kitchen Table

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Sackcloth and Ashes: What’s Wrong With Infanticide? – Ben Domenech, RedAmerica @ WP

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Don’t let the melting pot freeze over.

Tamar Jacoby at OpinionJournal exhorts those in power to refrain from overturning one of the best immigration traditions of this country in terms of effective assimilation of newcomers: birthright citizenship.

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Hurray for Natalia!

Lest you think from my last few posts that all families are falling apart everywhere, here’s some good news: Natalya Michelovna is now offically Natalia Virginia Caroline Carlton! God bless them! He is a father to the fatherless and puts the lonely in families.

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Ukrainian adoption journal.

Some friends from my church are currently keeping a blog about going to the Ukraine to adopt a child. Please keep them in your prayers, as it seems that the Ukrainian government can turn quite slowly and unsurely in these sorts of things.

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The Healthy Marriage Initiative

Wade Horn at NRO reviews President Bush’s Healthy Marriage Initiative as good preventive medicine to improve the health of the realm of the Family. It may obviate the “need” for major surgery with the government battle-axe later.

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Abstinence works every time its tried

Officials in Uganda are doing it right. In encouraging abstinence, they are slowing the spread of AIDS in their country. Sadly, truth-suppressors are trying to keep this knowledge from those who need it the most.