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Acquired Cultural Deficiency Syndrome.

Here’s the terrifically-depressing Mark Steyn column reprinted in OpinionJournal about how Western Civilization is in critical condition, aging and dying from lack of a cultural immune system that would minimize stupid cultural behavior. And of course, James Lileks helps us all to bask in the gloom with his delightful screeeeed about it.

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Organized Adultery legalized in Canada.

The Supreme Court in Canada feels for no reason (I almost said “thinks for some reason”, but I caught myself) that “group sex among consenting adults is not … a threat to society”

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In Canada, “Wife” is now a four-letter word.

Freakin’ Canadians. Katherine Kersten hits another one out of the park, this time concerning how the Canadian Government is wreaking havoc on its own society by calling deviant behavior normal, and normal behavior deviant.

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Well, most science classes have labs, don’t they?

For some reason, teachers and administrators are surprised when some kids actually doing their homework from sex-ed class at school. Government schools take over a primary duty of the Family, and then wonder why the effort falls flat on its face…

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But liberal feminists think multiculturalism is a good thing.

An African King shops for a 13th wife while his people starve and die. Despicable.

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Collapse of the Black Family

La Shawn Barber writes about the collapse of the black family.

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Selfishness rules in Spain and Canada

Canada will likely fall and Spain has fallen to those who would impose their immorality on the rest of us.