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Long Island Parents Donate Kidneys to Twin Sons -- Annie Wu, The Epoch Times

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New Parental Controls Limit Xbox Time — Nate Mook, BetaNews

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Suit Says Baby’s Seizure Violated Rights — Anna Jo Bratton, AP in UK Guardian

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New Depression Rx: Get Married
— Melinda Wenner, LiveScience

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Teaching Your Kids to Work (In seven parts) — Lara Gallagher, The Lazy Organizer

Keeping a sane home, for the whole family: Part I: Whose Job is it? Part II: Getting Rid of the Clutter Part III: Let Them Help Part IV: It Takes Time Part V: Work Together Part VI: Learn to Practice Part VII: Make It Easy

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“Love is Blind” — Cornelius Hollander

“Cornelis Hollander’s newest [wedding ring] creation is inspired by the Braille system. It has a message of “I LOVE YOU ” in Braille. Diamonds are set into each cell dot. You can feel and read the love from your fingertip.”

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Being Thankful on a Friday
Heth, From Under the Laundry Pile

…but first the “prequel” post: The Rules — Heth, From Under the Laundry Pile If I were the boss of the whole world, I would immediately implement the following: No more than one parent per family is allowed to be sick at any given time. If the second parent feels the illness coming on, they [...]

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“The virus that made me forget my family”
Angela Epstein, London Daily Mail

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Cleanliness is next to Ungodliness – Chewymom

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Third time’s a charm , a day at home as a family, & More Pictures!

Rachel went into surgery one more time this morning – hopefully for the last time — to get her stitches replaced because the old ones weren’t doing the job. Ellie Stager came over early in the morning to take care of Jack while we were at the outpatient surgery clinic. Jack didn’t sleep very consistently [...]

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Blue – Mopsy, Lifenut

“The family that is sick together, sticks together.”

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Are we worthy of our kitchens?
Christine Rosen, the New Atlantis

Fancier and fancier kitchens, emptier than ever before. (HT:NRO’s Crunchy Con blog)

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The Secret to Order is Order – Marla Swoffer, Always Thirsty

“…I’ve got to manage 4.5 people (one of whom is me), their stuff, and 1775 square feet of space, not including our vehicles.”

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Healthy love keeps you healthy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping you have someone around to help you fight disease, boost your immunity, and lower your stress.

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“What, me organized?”

Heth from Laundry Pile writes about recent attempts at family organization.