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In which I am forced to use the term “whore bag” in front of my 12 year old daughter – Busy Mom

“…Is it just me or is this Halloween costume thing getting out of hand, or what? I know there’s not a shortage of sites lamenting the skinification of Halloween costumes, but, it’s become something I have to deal with…”

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Unplugging Your Kids – Kimberly S. Johnson, Denver Post

“A device from a Boulder company uses a shut-off timer to limit children’s use of TVs, computers and video games.” See also: The website for this device —

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Do Not Call / Junk Mail Banning – TulipGirl

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She makes her father proud – James Lileks, Minnesota Star-Tribune

His 5-year-old daughter calls the TV dumb and turns it off all by herself.

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Do not call me; I’m dead – MSN Money

When you’re dead, telemarketers can’t call you, but they still try.

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Motherhood is not a commodity, children are not a cost center.

[Note: This post has been transferred here from my personal site, since it was written before I made this site to discuss cultural issues. It was originally published on February 20th, 2005. It has been tweaked here to update the hyperlinks and make it a little better. It addresses the opposite extreme from the one represented in this post, and I hope begins to approach the proper ways that the Realm of the Family can interact with the Realm of the Market and the Realm of the Church.]