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New Depression Rx: Get Married
— Melinda Wenner, LiveScience

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Teaching Your Kids to Work (In seven parts) — Lara Gallagher, The Lazy Organizer

Keeping a sane home, for the whole family: Part I: Whose Job is it? Part II: Getting Rid of the Clutter Part III: Let Them Help Part IV: It Takes Time Part V: Work Together Part VI: Learn to Practice Part VII: Make It Easy

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The Weird Thing About People Reading Blogs — ChewyMom

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Dear Little Girl — Carrien, She Laughs at the Days

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A Father’s Heart — Tulipgirl

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Breast-feeding won’t make baby smarter
Reuters on MSNBC

“…Although breast-feeding has many advantages for children including reducing infections, respiratory illnesses and diarrhea, enhancing a child’s intelligence does not appear to be among them…”

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Careers and Marriage – published a story Aug. 22 by editor Michael Noer on two-career relationships that provoked a heated response from both outside and inside our building. Elizabeth Corcoran, a member of our Silicon Valley bureau and principal author of the magazine’s current cover story on robots, sent in [a] rebuttal.

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Liturgy and Catechesis [according to a two-year-old]
Devona, Love and Blunder

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The World’s Itty-Bittiest Porn Star
Amy Alkon, Advice Goddess

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“The virus that made me forget my family”
Angela Epstein, London Daily Mail

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Starting Solid Foods – Ask Dr. Sears

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What’s Abortion, Mom? – TulipGirl

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Snooze News: How to Get Baby to Nap
Denise Schipani, American Baby on MSN

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May was the month of the Jack-alanche.

[Note: Also published From Wits End] Wow, what a month! As all of you should know by now, My son was born on May 9th, and his appearance on the world scene definitely made waves on this little corner of the internet. Behold, the Jack-alanche! For the day… …for the month… …and for the year… [...]

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The Approaching Family Singularity – Myself, From Wit’s End

You may think it horribly egotistical that I’m linking to my own website, but it’s for a good cause. Any day now our son Jack will be born. We don’t know quite when it will happen, but I just wanted to let you know that if you don’t see any posts on this site for [...]

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Babies, Dependent and Demanding – TulipGirl

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Child Trust Funds in England – Dominic Maxwell, IPPR, Around the Kitchen Table

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Appleberry Pie? Make it a double – James Lileks,

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This is a really old video – Devona, Love and Blunder

That baby can dance! For real, check it out.

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Public, Home, and Catholic schools – Bruce Frohnen, NRO CrunchyCon blog

This is brilliant (emphasis — and colors, of course — added): I think there is a moral here: there is in fact a permanent, universal good of educating your kids to be good, learned people with the skills and habits necessary to lead good, decent lives. But there is no one, single way to achieve [...]