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Superman Comic Saves Family Home From Foreclosure -- Ray Sanchez, ABC News

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‘Meanest Mom on the Planet’ — Jim Addison, Wizbang

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The Rise of Family-Friendly Cities
— Joel Kotkin, OpinionJournal

“It’s lifestyle, not latt├ęs, that our most productive workers want.”

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Business Travel with Family — Tom, Dadbloggers

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Careers and Marriage – published a story Aug. 22 by editor Michael Noer on two-career relationships that provoked a heated response from both outside and inside our building. Elizabeth Corcoran, a member of our Silicon Valley bureau and principal author of the magazine’s current cover story on robots, sent in [a] rebuttal.

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Death Tax Repeal Fails, 57-41
Mary Katharine Ham,

See also: Dow falls on Death Tax Vote – Andrew Roth, Club for Growth

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Young India hopes to reap population boom benefits – Reuters

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Are we worthy of our kitchens?
Christine Rosen, the New Atlantis

Fancier and fancier kitchens, emptier than ever before. (HT:NRO’s Crunchy Con blog)

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Eight Great Lessons From Working Dads – MSN Careers

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Strong, productive women are nothing to be afraid of.

To expand upon my last post…. Here’s an exercise for all of you insecure guys who want to keep your women locked up in the house all day. Print out a copy of Proverbs 31:10-31 (the description of an excellent wife), and highlight all the words that denote the realm of the Market: that is, anything having to do with monetary value, commodities, buying and selling, etc. I prefer the using the color green for such a purpose, but you may use any color you want…