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Website helps you get your grandparents FBI files
Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

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Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Can Mitt Romney spur a broader debate? — Brendan Miniter, OpinionJournal

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Twins could serve as Polish PM, president – Yahoo! News

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Hurray for Natalia!

Lest you think from my last few posts that all families are falling apart everywhere, here’s some good news: Natalya Michelovna is now offically Natalia Virginia Caroline Carlton! God bless them! He is a father to the fatherless and puts the lonely in families.

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Recently found Cultural Resources.

These links are going up in the following categories: Neighbor Checking Neighbor – Intellectual Takeout Family Relating to State – The Marriage Law Project Institute for Marriage and Public Policy Neighbor Relating to Family – Marriage Marriage Debate blog Creation – Access Research Network Science Blog I don’t usually highlight resource links like this, because it involves twice the data entry, so check out the Resource Link Page for many more links.

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Ukrainian adoption journal.

Some friends from my church are currently keeping a blog about going to the Ukraine to adopt a child. Please keep them in your prayers, as it seems that the Ukrainian government can turn quite slowly and unsurely in these sorts of things.

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A potential historical first.

Poland may be the first country in history to be governed by a set of identical twins.