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Holy Reading and Children -- Staff, The Faith Gardener

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Children and Worship — Karl Hubenthal, All of Grace

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Some thoughts Regarding Family Worship — Shanna, Growing in Grace Daily

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Christians would rather move than hear evolution — WorldNetDaily

‘They have to obey the law in educating their kids,’ official says. Fifteen Christian families from a tiny community of only about 1,300 people are making plans to leave their homes and work behind so that their children will not be forced by the Canadian government to attend “sanctioned” schools where evolution is taught. A [...]

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EXCLUSIVE: Children in Public Worship
Hank Belfield, Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Chilhowie, Virginia

This sermon is so good that I’m hosting it particularly on my site. I got the recording from my Father-in-Law. It’s a 41.4MB MP3 file. Enjoy.

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Liturgy and Catechesis [according to a two-year-old]
Devona, Love and Blunder

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Hope in a sad situation

The Torres family is in a sad situation. Let us all pray that something good may come of it. Help them out if you can.