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How to Give Voice to Your Ezzo Concerns, Face-to-Face -- Megan, SortaCrunchy

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Faith-healing parents charged in death of infant son — Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Daily News

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Should Spouses Who Kill their Children be Awarded Alimony? — Dr. Helen

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Couple Sentenced For Having Sex In Front Of Child
AP on WBZtv

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Infant left inside car; 2 charged
Scott Thistle, Sun Journal

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A Father’s Heart — Tulipgirl

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Mother Charged With Trying To Sell Child Over Wedding Dress Debt — Chris Minor,

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Mom Accused of Swinging Baby As Weapon
AP on Breitbart

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Couple Accused of Kidnapping Daughter
Katharine Webster, AP on Breitbart

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Ezzo Week 2006: Ending With a Bang! – Tulipgirl

No kidding… This blog post is a lot going on. Check it out.

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What’s Abortion, Mom? – TulipGirl

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Born at 6am on 06/06/06, his Mum was induced for 6 Days, he weighs 6lbs 6oz and He’s Called… Damien – Richard Smith, the Mirror

This is both silly and foolish. This poor kid is sure in for some teasing (assuming, of course, that he isn’t the Antichrist . ) (HT: Drudge Report) [How does Drudge find these things?]

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Baby Abuse is Okay… – Michelle Malkin

“…if you are a Muslim in Britain…”

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‘Roe v. Wade’: The divided states of America – USA Today

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What’s the Fuss About Michael and Debi Pearl? – TulipGirl

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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to offer abortions – MSNBC

This quote is just nuts: [Cecilia Fire Thunder, President, Oglala Sioux Tribe, said,] “We just want to make sure that something is done for women who make that decision. All we can do is provide that to them, no questions asked. It’s their choice. It’s between her and God and that unborn baby. And I [...]

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Avoiding Millstones – Tulipgirl

A news article about a mother murdering her child in a fit of rage reminds TG of an article that exhorts parents to check themselves before they check their children.

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Letting Go – Sam Schulman, OpinionJournal

Some parents just don’t know when to say when.

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The only word for this is evil.

A family in Italy kept their mentally-disturbed daughter in a small, darkened bathroom for 30 years. It took someone who married into the family to blow the whistle on it.

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A Dad Helps Deliberation?

Dr. Helen (a.k.a. the “Instawife“) has had some noteworthy things to share recently. Here’s a post on her site about a study that makes a correlation between absent fathers and the diagnosis of ADHD. I’m sure their are other factors involved, but this indeed might be one of them.