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Conscience Protection Update: What Might Happen Next and Why You Should Care — Catherina Favazza

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Mosques: We will not bury this Muslim — Kitty Caparella, Philadelphia Daily News

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Ezzo Week 2006: Ending With a Bang! – Tulipgirl

No kidding… This blog post is a lot going on. Check it out.

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A Medical Crisis of Conscience: Faith Drives Some To Refuse Patients Medication or Care – Rob Stein, Washington Post

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Cleanliness is next to Ungodliness – Chewymom

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Go and Learn What This Means – Susan Arnold, Heart Soul Mind Strength

“…’I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ ” — Matthew 9:13

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“The ultimate supernatural hero” wins again.

Here is surprisingly good news: Anne Rice (of vampire novel fame) has been converted to Christianity. Hey, if an arrogant creep that tortured and killed Christians for a living can be converted into an evangelist of Christ, than I suppose anyone can, right?