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Qur’an says no to “9/11 mosque”! -- Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas

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My Take: Why Christians are jerks online -- Jonathan Acuff, Belief Blog on

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Mosques: We will not bury this Muslim — Kitty Caparella, Philadelphia Daily News

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Beware of Jim Wallis’ “Surge” — P. Andrew Sandlin

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The Exorcist: An Indonesian man seeks “to create an Islam that will make people smile.”
Bret Stephens, OpinionJournal

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Socrates or Muhammad? Joseph Ratzinger on the destiny of reason — Lee Harris, the Weekly Standard

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The Pope’s Real Threat — Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters

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“Faith, Reason & The University”: Pope Benedict’s Speech At The University of Regensburg — Maximus, Roman Catholic Blog

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Tell it on mountains – Paul J. Cella, RedState

“Archbishop Chaput tells it like it is:” Islam has embraced armed military expansion for religious purposes since its earliest decades. In contrast, Christianity struggled in its divided attitudes toward military force and state power for its first 300 years. No “theology of Crusade” existed in Western Christian thought until the 11th century. In fact, the [...]

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Brothers to the end – Priya Abraham, World Magazine

“Three Muslim terrorists who became Christians now risk their lives to speak the truth.”

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Vatican Discards Appeasement Policy Towards Muslim Nations
Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters

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“The Gospel of Judas” is just an old, stupid heresy…
Jeffrey Overstreet, Looking Closer Journal

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Romans 12:11

Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.

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Gentle Boldness, Respectful Honesty.

Ali Mitchell recently spoke at my church about how to relate to those in other religions [8.5 MB mp3 file], particularly Islam, since that is his particular calling.

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We are all brothers.

A website called Ebony/Ivory Online has an archived article about how some religious people believe that God does not allow “interracial” marriage. Of course, this article is from the Boston Globe, which has its own biases, so it predominantly mentions how Christians are the main offenders on this issue. But the Answers in Genesis crowd pretty effectively refutes this in their article on the subject…

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The Gospel vs. Religion

[Originally From Wits End] A post on a friend’s blog has stirred me to post the full text of a sermon that my father sent me. Having once again missed the availability window for the latest issue of Tabletalk at church, we are using it as devotional material during the month of October. Let me [...]