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Revolutionary Father -- Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online

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Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation? — Tim Townsend,

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Christians would rather move than hear evolution — WorldNetDaily

‘They have to obey the law in educating their kids,’ official says. Fifteen Christian families from a tiny community of only about 1,300 people are making plans to leave their homes and work behind so that their children will not be forced by the Canadian government to attend “sanctioned” schools where evolution is taught. A [...]

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Intelligent input to produce life by chance!
— Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

See Also: Origin of hype: No intelligence to create life? — Mark Looy, Answers in Genesis

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Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough
Will Dunham, Reuters

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Dinosaurs, humans coexist in U.S. creation museum
Andrea Hopkins, Reuters

This is a good thing. But there is something noteworthy at the end of the story: The project has not been without opposition. Zoning battles with environmentalists and groups opposed to the museum’s message have delayed construction and the museum’s opening day has been delayed repeatedly. The museum has hired extra security and explosives-sniffing dogs [...]

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What Time Is It? — Kim Anderson, Mother-Lode

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Creationist Dr. Dino goes to jail
David Pescovitz, BoingBoing

This Kent Hovind guy gives creationists a bad name: His attorney, Alan Richey, argued that the Internal Revenue Service pursued his client because of his religious beliefs. Kent Hovind, whose life’s mission is to debunk evolution, says he and his employees are workers of God and therefore exempt from paying taxes. He pays his employees [...]

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“Faith, Reason & The University”: Pope Benedict’s Speech At The University of Regensburg — Maximus, Roman Catholic Blog

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Lubbock, Texas, plans to pray for rain – UPI

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Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical
Seth Borenstein, AP on My Way News.

This story is an example of a fascinating discovery that is horribly misinterpreted. Some funny quotes: “Scientists have found what might have been the ideal ancient vacation hotspot with a 74-degree Fahrenheit average temperature, alligator ancestors and palm trees. It’s smack in the middle of the Arctic. First-of-its-kind core samples dug up from deep beneath [...]

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Cain’s Wife: who was she? – Answers In Genesis

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“The Maker’s Diet” – Annie Crawford, Chief Executive Mom

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The Question We Don’t Ask – Eric Butler, Circle Six magazine

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This is our Victory over the World.

In the latest issue of WORLD Magazine, Marvin Olasky interviews Rodney Stark about his latest book, which is called “The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success“…

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We are all brothers.

A website called Ebony/Ivory Online has an archived article about how some religious people believe that God does not allow “interracial” marriage. Of course, this article is from the Boston Globe, which has its own biases, so it predominantly mentions how Christians are the main offenders on this issue. But the Answers in Genesis crowd pretty effectively refutes this in their article on the subject…

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Church offers money for adult stem cell research.

LifeSite reports on the Catholic Church in South Korea offering $10 million for research on adult stem cells in order to protect the inherent dignity of human beings at the the embryonic stage.

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Explaining the groaning.

Paul Griffiths reviews David Hart’s new book about how the Church can approach an explanation of the Tsunami on OpinionJournal.