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Supermarket bans Jedi Knight — AOL News

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Huckacide: A shiny Christmas present for the Democrats. — Rich Lowry, National Review Online

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Violence won’t work: how author of ‘jihadists’ bible’ stirred up a storm
— Ian Black Cairo, UK Guardian

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I was a fanatic…I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist — Hassan Butt, UK Daily Mail

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Italian police set up elite ‘SAS’ squad to take on the devil himself — Nick Pisa, The Scotsman

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Close Encounter With An Angry Black Moslem
Monica R., Grizzly Mama

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Religion of Peace Beheads Priest and Boy
Pamela Atlas, Atlas Shrugs

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This what a real martyr looks like — Michelle Malkin

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Islamic Impunity – Alexandra von Maltzan, All Things Beautiful

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No Relation to Reality, Indeed – Pat Santy, Dr. Sanity

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It’s not possible to prove that your great-great-great-[etc]-uncle was a monkey…

…you have to believe that it is so. Many readers responded as such to an op-ed piece in the Sydney Morning Herald [2nd item]. Whatever you believe about the origin of things, you cannot prove it, because proving it would involve reproducing it. So logically speaking, the only person that can speak authoritatively about how all of this started is the one who has a spare universe in his pocket…

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His explosion has been muffled after the fact.

Tapscott’s Copy Desk seems to be the place to go for the failed suicide bomber at Oklahoma University that national broadcast media isn’t talking about.

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Polygamist Cult Abandons Young Boys To Eliminate Competition – Captain’s Quarters

A view of the future if marriage continues to be drained of all legal meaning.

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Unfree Under Islam – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, OpinionJournal

Islamic Shariah law endangers women’s rights.

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Portrait of a fool.

The London Times Online publishes a profile and interview of a failed suicide bomber from Palestine. I was going to call this post “Portrait of a Damned Fool,” but the person in question is still alive yet, so that adjective is as yet still in doubt.

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“Allah Akbar, eh, old chap?”

RealClearPolitics has reprinted an extensive article from Foreign Affairs magazine on the self-inflicted wound that is the jihadist threat in and from Europe.

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An Abomination.

The BBC has reported that children are being trafficked into the UK from Africa and used for human sacrifices.