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Iranian regime’s sanctioned brothels at Imam Reza’s shrine in Mash’had -- Zand-Bon, Planet Iran

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Faith-healing parents charged in death of infant son — Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Daily News

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Barack’s Rev. ‘Stole a Wife’ — S. Cahalan, V. Hinke, & B. Hamilton; New York Post

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Minister protests same-sex union ban with a halt to all weddings — AP in Boston Globe

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Italian police set up elite ‘SAS’ squad to take on the devil himself — Nick Pisa, The Scotsman

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Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth — the London Daily Mail

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Brothers to the end – Priya Abraham, World Magazine

“Three Muslim terrorists who became Christians now risk their lives to speak the truth.”

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The concept of “children’s church” – Kelly’s Blog

(HT: Love and Blunder)

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Baby Abuse is Okay… – Michelle Malkin

“…if you are a Muslim in Britain…”

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Islamic Impunity – Alexandra von Maltzan, All Things Beautiful

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The Dark Side of Extremism – Unto the Least of These

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No Relation to Reality, Indeed – Pat Santy, Dr. Sanity

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Exclusive: Please Pray!!! – John Weaver, Missionary to Afghanistan

I received an e-mail this morning from a friend of mine who is serving the Lord in Afghanistan: Greetings from the mountains! It is raining here, showers bring the flowers! We are well. Jeanne is doing great and little John is growing & kicking a lot. We are so glad to be here. Thanks for [...]

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Can’t get no…

If you are a muslim couple that has a TV in your bedroom, then I feel sorry for you.

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We are all brothers.

A website called Ebony/Ivory Online has an archived article about how some religious people believe that God does not allow “interracial” marriage. Of course, this article is from the Boston Globe, which has its own biases, so it predominantly mentions how Christians are the main offenders on this issue. But the Answers in Genesis crowd pretty effectively refutes this in their article on the subject…

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Polygamist Cult Abandons Young Boys To Eliminate Competition – Captain’s Quarters

A view of the future if marriage continues to be drained of all legal meaning.

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Unfree Under Islam – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, OpinionJournal

Islamic Shariah law endangers women’s rights.

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Anybody have a millstone??

TulipGirl commemorates Ezzo Week by linking to some discussion boards and archived posts concerning just how much of a chucklehead Gary is.