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Infant is returned to blind couple after state places her in protective custody -- Lee Hill Kavanaugh, Kansas City Star

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That’s a realm of a different color.

It took me almost four years to change my mind about this, and though I have made peace with the new arrangement it will still take time for me to get used to it. I speak of course of my decision to swap the color assignments of Nature and Market. Ever since summer of 2005 [...]

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The terms, they are a changin’…

…and the new ones just feel a lot more appropriate. Here are the details: “Church” has become “Religion“, “Creation” has become “Nature“, & “State” has become “Government“. This change has already taken place at the Bible site as well.

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Things Made New.

Like the beginning of the new look? I’ll be bringing in some of the familiar graphics as I get to know this WordPress theme, but overall, you will find that this site will be getting more simple and less busy in appearance, mainly because I won’t be asking for it do quite so much. It [...]

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Big changes are a-comin’…

The content of this site will soon be peeling off to different sites, but it will still all be undera new common name. More information very soon.

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Time for a refresh.

It has been a while since much has happened on this site. For the last three or four months, all my attention has been spent here and more recently here. But the wheel is coming back around again and it is time to tweak the appearance here to make it a lot less cluttered. First [...]

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I don’t think this situation is new.

The current financial crisis has brought to mind the scriptural passages of Genesis 41 and Genesis 47:13-26, along with the question as to whether it is the biblical equivalent of our current situation. What do you think?

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Sharing is Caring.

It’s a lot easier for me to click once to share the articles I find on Google Reader than it is to click many times and post them here. So as of today, I am providing a link to my shared items on Google Reader on the masthead of this site. This doesn’t mean I [...]

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Elementary illustration, and other upcoming renovations.

I have finished the element logos that appear on each post, as you can see, and will now have some fun incorporating some banner links for the elements into the masthead of the site. I have also

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Elements categorized in Genesis 1

…and they’re all there, right from the beginning.

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Exposure to the Elements.

[Well, after a few attempts at mucking around in the MYSQL database followed by a frantic restoration from backup each time, I have resigned myself to the fact that all the new categories I am about to introduce will not be perfectly ordered and numbered, mostly because the latest version of WordPress will brook no [...]

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This site was down for most of the day yesterday, but I doubt anybody noticed. I was upgrading to WordPress 2.5 whilst and at the same time my Webspace provider was having server problems. Things sorted themselves out by the end of the day, though. Anytime I upgrade WordPress, some part of the old template [...]

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This site by the numbers, 2007-2008

Well, it’s that time again. Time to go through all the numbers that we’ve accumulated since about this time last year. As always, we start with the grand totals:

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The borders are closed, but what about the fifth column?

Well, maybe not the fifth column, but there are a lot of third columns that I have to take care of. A lot of the category pages have scripture and news articles, but no History posts. This makes a giant white gap down the middle of a lot of pages. So I’m going to be [...]

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Framing the issue of the borders.

Well, the pages for all the main realm categories are just about done. I have a to-do list for the site I will post here in a day or so. For now, I will put up the next progress bar for the Interaction Category pages, which is the next thing large bit of busy work [...]

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Historical References.

Having just encountered a review about a book about a historical event, namely the United States Presidential Election of 1800, I wondered if I should put it in the “Historical” or “News” column here. After some deliberation, I’ve decided to put it in the historical column. The title link will refer to the book itself, [...]

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Sorry this is taking so long.

Preparation for the holidays has taken precedence, but now that I’m actually off for the rest of the year, the restructuring of this website has accelerated. Lots of cool things are in my head, and it is taking an incredible amount of busy work to make them happen. It will be even better when it’s [...]

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Jefferson’s magnum opus has been parsed.

I posted the Declaration of Independence in full last July. I just finished breaking it up sentence by sentence, and it now has it’s own page. This also inaugurates a new category of posts: Historical Documents. Enjoy.

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Luther’s 95 Theses
in progress…